3D avatars

  • We are proud to present you a new feature on Gameforge.com!

    The Gameforge.com 3D-Avatars have just arrived.

    Create your very own Avatar and experience the exciting world of Gameforge.com in third dimension. There are hundreds of features, clothing items and accessories all ready to help you personalise your character in your way - all within the comfort of your web browser.

    There's plenty of opportunity to have fun with friends too! Are you happy, in love, sad or perhaps a little crazy? Select the corresponding emoticon and show the world how you're feeling! They will be presented via high-quality and varied animations - directly on your profile!

    Do you want to get in touch with other gamers? Feel free to do so on the Free-to-Play-Portal Treat your friends and trick your foes: if you want you can let them hug, tickle or even poke your avatar - there's plenty of different actions available. A completely fresh community experience is waiting for you.

    The best news of the bunch is that the more Gameforge games you play, the more clothes will appear in your wardrobe! You'll be the talk of the town when people see your Avatar wearing a T-Shirt branded with your favourite game!

    Register / Login now and experience a new dimension of possibilities on Gameforge.com!

    As always, have fun! (Now in 3D!)

    Your Gameforge.com team