OGN staff applications opened (IRC support, wiki, BNC, translations)/ Aplicatii staff OGN deschise

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    1. Tuesday 24th at 19:00 (2) 33%
    2. Wednesday 25th at 20:00 (2) 33%
    3. Thursday 26th at 21:00 (2) 33%

    The OnlineGamesNet staff currently offers positions in almost all of its divisions.

    This mainly applies to IRC support, but the support of the OGN team-BNCs, the work on and improvement of our wiki and the translation of all of our content to new languages and IRC support of game communities as well.
    Applicants will be introduced to the work of an IRC supporter at first, but get an insight in the other division of the OGN staff in their trialship as well.

    The respective positions:

    - IRC support: Assistance of our support crew, caring about channel registrations, problems with the handling of our services, connection issues, limited client support.
    - OGN wiki: Extension of the help files at our wiki, improvement of style and content, translations of existing articles.
    - Team-BNC: Set-up of new BNCs and technical support of the existing ones.
    - Translation: Translating Server and Service messages (ChanServ, AuthServ,...), website and mails - especially for uncovered languages (e.g. Italian, Romanian, Greek...) to help other users with these languages in using the network.
    - CommunitySupport: Work in and with game communities of different languages to help them with the IRC related work.

    Applications as IRC supporter - maybe in combination with the work in other divisions - may be done at our website based application tool at http://www.onlinegamesnet.net/staffApplication.php.
    All you need is an existing AuthServ account, some language skills and a certain amount of knowledge about the duties of the division(s) you're most interested in. You can read more about the requirements at the application page.

    As OnlineGamesNet maintains an international staff, communication and education inside our crew is handled in english. A fluent handling of written english is therefore a mandatory condition. Besides that, every member should be able to communicate in another language, so as to extend our overall communication skills towards all the users of OnlineGamesNet.

    If any of the offered positions caught your attention, do not hesitate to leave us a meaningful application at our website.

    Best regards,
    Prox, OGN staff