Game Of Thrones

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    • wow nu am.vazut pe nimeni sa vrea spoilere:)))))
      Moare snow apoi reinvie, degetel crapa si el, regina dragonilor se culca cu snow si is ceva neamuri am si uitat gradul lor de rudenie:))
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    • vYxx wrote:


      Eu cred ca se vor duce spre ceva si mai neasteptat, in directia asta au contribuit la final cu fiecare episod din sezonul asta :)
      Eventual sa ia tronul Aria? Oricum, n-as vota penteu alegerea evidenta - Tyrion.
      Apropo de Arya si de toate scenele prin care a trecut personajul in ultimul sezon ,am auzit ca a fost sunata de Nick Fury si i s-a propus un loc in echipa Avengers dupa serial. Probabil au sesizat rezistenta ei neomeneasca , fara armura chiar ,a supravietuit la atatea ,chiar si la cladiri care au cazut peste ea :) Superba veste,voi fi vesnic multumit sa o vad luptandu-se contra lui Thanos.. Dar hei .. Thanos cred ca va face o pauza , fiind multumit de faptul ca Dany l-a scutit de cateva milioane de oameni ce trebuiau omorati
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      În ultimul episod o sa apară personaje noi
      Câteva spoilere "scăpate" pe net înainte de-a începe sezonul 8
      Nu spun mai multe, căutați și singuri
      Fanii ar fi dezamăgiți sa afle finalul dinainte, dar o sa fie și mai dezamăgiți când o sa vadă ultimul episod (dacă ce s-a "scăpat" pe net se adeverește, pana acum toate spoilere puse dinainte de-a se difuza au fost reale)

      si totusi,s-au filmat mai multe finaluri,daca asta o sa fie dat la tv,o sa fie cel mai de k***t final
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      Grey Worm has Tyrion and Jon as his prisoners. The *council is (led by Sansa) tells Grey Worm to release Jon back to them but he refuses. That's when Tyrion says that the new King or Queen should decide what happens to Jon. Sam suggest for a democratic vote for the new king. Tyrion calls that idea stupid. The council votes and decide Bran Should be the King. Bran picks Tyrion as his hand.

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      May 16th Q&A (Finished)

      Source hasn't answered the last 6+ questions so we'll stop taking questions for now to stop annoying them. Maybe more questions will be answered tomorrow.
      Is Tyrion making decisions while being a prisoner?
      [/quote]Tyrion is in front of the council as a prisoner of Grey Worm he isn't making decision he is content with being a prisoner he makes suggestions only.
      Does drogon have an emotional reaction?
      [/quote]Drogon is emotional as a dragon can get I guess. when Dany dies he comes stands over here and it's all the roar before he brings the iron throne and carries her away.
      Why is Grey Worm taking Jon prisoner and later accepting his punishment and just going his merry way with the unsullied and dorthroki?
      [/quote]When Bran names Tyrion as his hand Grey Worm gets upset and says he must pay his crimes. He will by trying to make the world a better place for the rest of his life. Then Tyrion is the one telling Jon he is going back to the Nights Watch. He said Greyworm wanted him dead and Santa wanted him back home so nobody is getting what they want it's a fair compromise.
      Does Jon actually leave the wall?
      [/quote]Yes. The last shot is him, Ghost, Tormund and a bunch of the wildings leaving the wall and heading north.
      Does Rhaegar come back?
      Do they show what Drogon does with Dany?
      Does Arya travel alone?
      [/quote]No. With a whole crew. No one important that I noticed.
      Does Arya have any main characters with her crew?
      Does Tully and Riverrun get mentioned?
      [/quote]I don't recall that being mentioned.
      Is the Montage Stark's + Wildings?
      Does Jon Kill Danny with long claw?
      [/quote]No uses dagger.
      Does Arya and Gendry talk?
      [/quote]They are both part of the Council that are voting for The King but they don't interact.
      Does John interact with Arya before killing Dany?
      [/quote]He didn't know that she was there the whole time then he was burning King's landing.
      Does Toby get mentioned?
      Can you give more details about Jon killing Dany? And his emotional state? What made him kill her?
      [/quote]I would have to re-watch that scene.
      How does Drogon pick up Dany?
      [/quote]With his feet.
      Any signs of resurrection?
      Any big final twist?
      Any information about isla de las cars?
      Does Dany threatened his siblings?
      [/quote]He's not sure. He skimmed through most of the episode.
      Has source seen the entire episode?
      [/quote]No skimmed through parts of the episode.
      I asked if this episode is based on a single day, weeks or months.
      [/quote]Source said this unfolds in weeks. Tyrion mentions having weeks to think while in prison.
      May 17th Q&A (ongoing)
      Do you know what Arya is doing in the scene from the preview?
      [/quote]Listening to Danys speech.
      Does Bran, Sansa, Arya and John interact right before they separate?
      [/quote]All they do is say goodbye before Jon leaves.

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      Oricum, a lăsat loc(cu vârf și îndesat) de-o continuare.
      Am înțeles ca o sa mai fie un episod, un fel de "viziune a celor întâmplate"
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      Poate ne dezvăluie ce s-a întâmplat cu Dany.
      Nu cred ca a dispărut asa, pur și simplu, John a fost resuscitat după ce a primit un pumnal în inima și ținând cont ca a dat semne cum ca i-ar fi părut rău de tot ce a făcut, sunt șanse ca istoria sa se repete.
      Sansa se vede un pic diabolica, Aria pleacă în necunoscut, Bran spune ca o sa caute dragonul, John se vede afectat de pierderea "iubitei".... ar fi culmea sa nu fie continuare, prea au lăsat în ceata multe
      Cel mai câștigat a fost piticul :))